Monday, September 27, 2010

Watch the wall

My place need to repaint because you can see the ceiling seriously the paint has crack. It is not only in the living room but my bathroom, store room, and other area that I spotted such as the big wall near the stair case.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My eyes hurt and my heartache

My eyes hurt I can tell you I have not been sleeping well lately and I have got big dark eye bags. They are very dark I can see on the mirror and I know that I need to get some sleep I have been thinking so much related to family, money, finance, education and more.

I know that I cannot be like this anymore I need to talk to my dear I hope he is open for a talk. He seldom talks to me any more I mean like one to one chat of things about our heart. I have so much to say to him I think he could read my thoughts but I know he cannot entirely do that.

Have you ever get tears running down automatically because you have so much to think about? If yes you know how I feel, tears been running down for several nights and there is no solution and talk about it. I think we should plan for future because what if one of us run out of jobs, where we going to earn money for living. I know there is way available but everything needs to be plan or talk. We often have plain talked which plan never work.

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