Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kiddo is sicked fever, flu and cough!

My WL is sicked, he has mc for two days on Thursday and Friday, he has got fever and purging. Then yesterday his brother also sicked as he got fever and cough and flu. YS didn't sleep well yesterday, he vomit and swallowed back the vomit. My dear has to wake him up to change clothes but it is difficult as he is very tired. My dear and I have watch over him on and off, so my dear says he only sleep about 4am.

Today is Sunday and my dear started to have fever and cough. He's not well and at night only I followed him to go USJ taipan for see the doctor. The doc given him four types of medicine and MC for tomorrow.

Tomorrow will need to bring eldest to son as he got exam on Tues to Thur but tomorrow is revision day for him, hope that he is not having fever anymore but just cough for now. As for WL he has to see doctor in the morning as I have called the clinic for appointment tomorrow morning, saying that 9am to 12 noon first come first serve. He still purging that's why and also night the fever started coming back!

It's so hot these day that we need to drink plenty of water. WL is not having a good appetite he doesnt want to eat at all. Giving him 100 plus to drink.

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