Sunday, April 24, 2011

Loving handmade jewellery

Being woman has the advantage you can have all kinds of fashion and jewellery. 

three bracelet of princess charm gold, red, another is like truly yours love colour (mix) RM110.
Starfish charm necklace $15
The angel of love is $100 for ten of them made five of it is pendant, five is cell phone charm colour red, gold, bermuda blue, pink,
Truly Yours Love necklace $25
plus another one which is gold in colour only.
snow white bracelet $56

This is an order which I make from a blogger, she is working at the moment but she manage to take time off to reply my email. She makes wonderful angel of love and you know she has been learning handmade jewellery since 9 year old.

I remember my childhood time I learn about handmade jewellery when I was 12 year old but I stopped as I was not going the shop anymore. What a waste I forget about how to make the wonderful handmade necklace that I learn back then. I still have the necklaces.

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