Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update contest and other

Just updating the contest that I taken part. I am glad I won the Prize and I know the blogger that given the Prize not really satisfied but I have also done my part by posting my winning.

What can I say? I am full time blogger and I do rely on winning contest to earn money. I try finding jobs at my area it is never easy to find the suitable job. Most jobs that I like have been taken.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It is NOT part of my Prize

Just want to share with you a Prize I recently won which is domain and hosting. I am happy about that and I have not seen any blogger that gives the Prize which is not in full. It is my first time to experience this as I was told to install the wordpress on my own with any help from the blogger.

Why is that? Blogger claims that BUSY! Well, who is not busy I am busy too. It is just the matter whether you want to help or not. I know there are many excuse you can find but you got to know that participants worked hard to win the contest. It is not about that choose the winner but based of highest points!

Do you think this is fair?

Monday, May 11, 2009

RoTP May Blog Contest

RoTP May Blog Contest is here for you to win! This contest is easy for everyone to take part, so just see what you can win!

RoTP May Contest Prize

RoTP May Blog Contest 200x200

All you have to do to for a chance to win this flowery fabric bag is to write a post about this contest and link it to Ramblings of The Phat's new domain,

This contest is so easy that it is open to all bloggers! Come on get your hands busy now and start take part now.

Contest ends on 31 May, 2009. To take part just click on the banner or the link.

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