Saturday, August 25, 2012

What is your interest?

For the first time today I have being ask of what is my interest or places of concern with my face and body. First off the lady came with a chart of names asking my name without telling me her name first. I think it is not appropriate to do that, you will need to introduce yourself before asking other about their name.

She shown me a brochure of the product and of course with no packages or price on it. Surprisingly it is my first time ever to attend a party that starts like this. Instead of party from eleven to five pm, they shorten it by calling you asking which time slot you interest for party. I chosen morning session as easier for me find parking. The so called party lasted twenty five minutes, twenty min talking about their product and five min tour, then pass you to another girl. The another girl would ask if you have any interest in the packages, or what's your concern. Weird I am here attend party and she asking me all that. Perhaps they need write clearly promotional deals will be first in the list instead of manicure, hand parrafjn, food refreshment, lucky draw.

Not customer so consider you as new costumer telling you bout their major. It is find I am willing to listen and know of their package. Well when they know you don't sign up right away, they tell you thank you. Oh I think I saw the pink goodie bag which says only for Facebook fans but I only given the black paper bag with a small sachet coffee scrub and all brouchers, one myoga voucher, one ecoparadise voucher which only be used in the gardens and expired in 30 sep.

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