Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Free meal?!

I can tell you that there is no such thing of free meal. It is true everything comes with terms and conditions.

Monday, March 29, 2010

First come first serve

Yeah there is many online shops now and most of them is first come first serve, you got to be quick if you want to purchase them. It is not just about clothing, gadgets, cosmetics, but also used toys. If you are free check out my swap blog.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Swap in Malaysia

Yeah it is fun having a swap blog not only you can sell prelove clothes but also swap clothes. I have a swap blog

And above you are looking at one of the prelove top of mine. I am happy to see the new owner loves it! I couldn't fit in any more because the arm part is very tight for me.

Well in order to take part in swap you need to have info on items that you are going to swap. For instance how much you purchase them and where you purchase them. You also need to give detail on the size and measurement of the clothes.

It is not going to be easy as some people are very fussy so you need to check many things! Usually in the end there will be deal or not deal with the swap item. My experience in swaps item some people not honest with their item. Even the item is not in good condition they will put up for swap. Yeah even bags which have peel leather.

I usually swap for item that I see and I like, well most I got is I love it. But some not like because it is not suitable for my size.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Swapped with eisha

Above is my beloved jeans, it is my favourite that I often wear. It is in good condition and very comfortable.

Now only MYR$25 inclusive of registered post in Malaysia.

I check with her today as she got it yesterday, she told me that she loves it very much. It is soft jean and comfortable for her. I love this too so sad I cannot fit in anymore. I have more clothes to swap and sell at

If you want to know what I have swapped with her, it is her backpack. Brown in colour and I love it too, I have swapped several times with her. She can be trusted and she is often using e parcel for delivery. E parcel is as fast as Poslaju but usually take a few days to arrive. But this time it only takes a day, maybe there is not much delivery.

I still have the blazer that I swapped with her, I need to lose weight to wear it. So far I have swapped several items with her and I love her tops so much. I also like her Avon bag so pretty! She is trusted swapper and I like her items so much.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Only 5 ribbon necklaces up for grab!

Yeah now only left 5 ribbon necklaces up for grab!

Find out if you are one of them! I am so happy to see that they are people that accept the offer of free ribbon necklace.

I don't understand why shipping so costly, I check that its need 10% charge too! I just check the amount the other day on the internet and I find it hard to believe, even my friend was selling her bra told me that it will cost MYR$120 to ship to U.S. She is happy to get her pay using Paypal but she has no idea that there is interest charge if the amount withdraw is above MYR$400. Other than that if she is transfer to her credit card it would be charge USD$5 each time.

No wonder my friend parcel would cost over MYR$100.

I am happy to see some pinay friends like my handmade that I posted at blog but sad to say it is too expensive to post out to them!

I love doing what I like and I want to continue as long as I can. Just like my sister she is nun now and she will keep doing what she likes until she is bored of it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shopping plus size online

I love shopping and I find that this blog with many choices on plus size clothing.

I am plus size myself I am UK14 size, I see that my friend told me she is UK14 but I think she only UK12 because I swapped clothes with her and I see that it does not fit me well. So I have plus size clothing as well for swap. You can check out

Shopping online so easy now and I found some clothes so pretty that I like below, so sad they are sold out!

As a plus size woman I am careful to shop for clothes that I like because you cannot depend on reading the measurement given. Once I got swapped with the person and find that the top is not suitable for me. It is more like L size than XL size, then I told her according to her she is just guessing it and not really know that it is not suitable for XL size people. I think she is not honest with her items as she needs to state that it is only her guessing. Until now I can still her with the faux information on the forum.

Design A, B, C, D & E

Corina flare dressier

Fairy's Kiss minidress

Maria Jamaican Salsa

If you like to see more just head to this blog!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Excuse me that's mine!

I love sharing things with my friends but not everything. Some things belong to me is personal they are not mean to share like hair clips. My housemate having heavy dandruff using my hair clip know it is belong to me! She never ask me whether she can use it or not. She found it that's what she says! Well, the place is mine and obviously what she found belongs to me!

Now I have them back in my cupboard, it is safe from her. I told her to give me back and she is reluctant and pretend not hearing a word I said!

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