Wednesday, February 23, 2011

22 weeks pregnant

I am now 22 weeks pregnant, my absent of blogging at my blogs. My due date is on 29 June or 1st July, my mom in law says that I maybe labour early because I am having baby boy. My next appointment for check up is on 19 March, 2011. It is Saturday and I have two appointments.

I feel the baby kicking so much, I am having baby boy as I saw the scan on 19 Feb, 2011. My kid is very happy to know he is having baby brother soon. He will have playmate to play with rather than alone. My dear has hunch that I maybe having baby girl but it turn out is boy.

Not going any where for vacation at the moment, I plan to book AirAsia sale ticket online but we don't know the baby name yet so cannot do the booking. I saw the domestic trip go and back are cheap. My friend has plan to go for vacation but nobody is there to care for her baby. I told her she can bring her baby along for vacation.

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