Thursday, November 12, 2009

Praise Blog

Everyone has got a good time and a bad time, I am sure you know that there is hope and don't lose it. Praise Blog With All My Heart, it is belong to BingKee. The blog is two columns template and easy to view, I love the flowery side bar. Check out the blog and you will see it.

I like to come by Praise Blog when I am feeling down. Everyone has a God they believe and I always believe in prayers. I always believe that the world need peace, I hope there is less on cutting down of trees because earth needs more trees. We do not want to have nature disaster happen at any places.

I found the great song to share with you at the blog, it is Mighty To Save by Hillsong. I also read about Start Your Day With God, I believe we start and end our day with God. My mom is always think of God, she believes God is always by her side so she feels safe and secure.

God will be there with everyone, praise God with all my heart is where you get to read more, know more, and listen more. God will always be there for us.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"My Dressing Barn : Tell us what you think CONTEST"

I love contest and I am taking part in "My Dressing Barn : Tell us what you think CONTEST", you can take part too.

I like the makeover, it is one stop ladies shopping online store. Just look at the banner, the pretty woman with many shopping bags. :)

Here's what you need to do.
1. Be a My Dressing Barn follower (
2. BLOG about OUR MAKEOVER and CONTEST - tell us what you think.
Pls use only the title "My Dressing Barn : Tell us what you think CONTEST"
3. Add us in your BLOGROLL
4. Copy our contest banner and put it at your blog sidebar with link back to this contest.
5. Leave a comment HERE with your blog entry link :)

There will be 3 winners selected.
1 WINNER - Based on creativity of comments & suggestions


CONTEST ENDS ... 30th Nov 2009

Best Rgds,

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