Thursday, October 20, 2011

No flexible time?

I love blogging and update my blogs but Firefox disappointed me. It keeps showing up not responding every few minutes, it ruins my mood to blog. Tomorrow supposed to have spa appointment but it will be turn down because I have not been feeling well, looks like I am going to have period soon.

I am sure tomorrow they will call me up again to remind me. I have not make any payment so there is no commitment between us. Last week I waited them to call me to confirm my reservation but they never call me. It is disappointed, I find out that they only call you late in the evening around 7.15pm. If you are havng dinner I am sure you do not want to be disturb. My baby just four months old, he cried so hard the night I back from the spa. It is heart breaking to see that maybe it is a sign that he is telling me mama stays with me don't go.

The first spa experienced I have two days of bodyache. Yeah if you never try spa like me you will feel the pain. Overall I like the body scrub it makes my skin supple and smooth.

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